About EdutechExpo

EdutechExpo provides services in the area of IT training, Consulting, Staffing etc.

EdutechExpo Edutech is an institute driven by the agenda to equip students with the right mix of a sound understanding of the fundamentals and a good comprehension of the newest in Information Technologies, thereby increasing their Employability Quotient. The IT field is one of the most 'happening' areas with new tools and techniques coming up at a fast pace. Understanding the technological mismatch this creates, EdutechExpo is mandated to update the knowledge and skills of those in the Industry through tailor-made courses.

The IT sector can be imagined as a triangle with the students, educational institutions and corporate bodies occupying its three corners. EdutechExpo has been incorporated with the aim of bringing these three distant points closer through academic partnerships, corporate alliances and student placement fairs.

The hallmarks of our institute are well-designed, validated courses to bridge the technology gap between academic instruction and Industry requirements and competent, well-trained and informed faculty.

  • Vision

    To be a Centre of Excellence for EdutechExpo Education, Training and Research in Information Technologies for creating Proficient, Motivated Professionals with Ample Employment Prospects Leading to Enrichment of Nation's Human Capital.

  • Mission

    To create a Centre of Excellence for imparting Professional Education & Practical Training in Information Technologies through Efficient Management and Expert Faculty by way of Enlarging the Knowledge Base, Elevating the Proficiency, Enriching the Experience and Enhancing the Employment Opportunity for our Customers.

  • Values

    Commitment - of heart and mind.
    Quality - in what we do and what we produce.
    Collaboration - for enhanced prospects.
    Accountability - to all stake holders.
    Responsibility - contributing to society and demonstrating corporate social responsibility.

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