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PhoneGap is a framework for creating hybrid applications for mobile devices . PhoneGap was originally produced by the company Nitobi which 2011 by Adobe Systems was purchased.
PhoneGap allows application software for mobile devices with JavaScript , HTML5 and CSS 3 to write, instead of device-specific programming languages ??such as Objective-C or Java . The resulting applications are hybrid applications; they are neither native applications because the layout using web technologies and is not written with native user interface frameworks, yet they are web-based applications, as they can be distributed as apps on sale portals the operating system manufacturer and to the programming interfaces to access the operating system of the terminal. As of version 1.9, it is even possible to freely mix native and hybrid code parts.
PhoneGap built on Apache Cordova on, which Adobe / Nitobi the Apache Software Foundation was donated. Apache Cordova was originally also PhoneGap , but had to be renamed for legal reasons, because for Apache projects from trademark no reasons already may occupied names are used. it was first Apache callback called and later in Apache Cordova renamed. in Adobe Systems it emerges as Adobe PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build Adobe on.
PhoneGap was used for the creation of many mobile applications, on the PhoneGap site are 1,890 displaced in the various online stores listed. Apple Inc. has confirmed that the framework is compatible with the 4.0 developer license agreement.

Supported Platforms

PhoneGap is currently supporting the development of the operating systems Apple iOS , Google Android , LG webOS , Microsoft Windows Phone , RIM Blackberry and Tizen SDK (2.x).


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