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SysOps delivery style is ITIL, which is a set of thorough guidelines for IT service management (ITSM) that concentrates on aligning business goals with IT services. ITIL enables the firm or an organisation to form a baseline from which it can design, execute and measure. It is used to show compliance and to estimate improvement. In the past the term “SysOps” or system operators was used for any professional who was responsible for any computer system but with the advancement in cloud computing, it has become a terminology for professionals who are responsible for multi-user systems. They are responsible for various tasks. Some similar to DevOps and some different.
For example, DevOps typically follows the continuous delivery model. In this model teams develop, write, test and release software in short time cycles. DevOps makes use of automation at every step so that the time cycles can be rapid and reliable. So now we know that SysOps and DevOps may appear similar but there are some differences that we still haven’t explored. So let’s remedy that, shall we?

Differences Between SysOps AND DevOps

Although there are many areas where SysOps and DevOps provide similar functionalities, there are some areas where these two differ from each other significantly.We have tabulated the differences between SysOps and DevOps in detail in terms of some specific areas and ways in which these two technologies work differently. Let’s go through the table and understand all these differences better.
DELIVERY METHODOLOGYSysops delivery style is ITIL (Information technology and Infrastructure library) approach.Devops delivery model lies in the robust co ordination between developers and operations teams.
CODE DEVELOPMENTWhen aiding a developer team the SysOps team typically tends to favor a consistent code change rate and code deployments.The DevOps team tends to favor unpredictable code change rate and code deployments.
REACTION TO CHANGESysOps approach lies in providing risk free continuation of services and it is not so flexible to change.DevOps approach is open to change as the development and operations team sit together and arrive on an effective consensus to address the change.
CHANGE ENTITYThe SysOps team work on servers to bring about the change required for them.The DevOps team work around code to bring about the change they intend to bring.
SERVICE APPROACHThe SysOps approach is keen on making the system processes work smoothly around the organization.The DevOps approach involves in enriching the business value of the organization


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